Classical Massage

A relaxing and therapeutic massage, ideal for muscle, joint and headache relief. The massage also uses natural oils full of nutrients that help give your skin a healthy glow.



Lomi Lomi Massage

An old Hawaiian message technique. Using the forearms in a rhythmic motion creates a sense of harmony around your body. Highly recommended for stress relief as it painlessly removes all tension in your body. It uses coconut oils to soften and moisturise the skin while also giving your body a sweet smelling scent.




Whole body massage with peeling

A holistic massage of the entire body, (back, legs, feet, arms, hands and head). It focuses on relaxing the muscles that are continuously mobile during the day. It reduces the tension in the muscle and improves their strength. In addition to this, a full body peel helps skin regenerate healthier and it also improves your blood circulation.



N.B please note that all massages need to be booked one day in advance.


Chair massage

A simple method to bring you stress relief after a hard days work or a long drive. The chair provides you with two options; air massage and a mechanical massage. Both massages stimulate the muscles and loosen your joints in order to relieve them of built up tension.

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